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This artwork was reproduced with the kind permission from the artist, with all profits going toward funding vital programs that support women and girls impacted by the criminal law system to rebuild their lives.

A pack of 10 beautiful folded cards with premium off-white envelopes. Perfect for any occasion. 

Minimum quantity: 1 pack of folded cards

Printed on demand

About the Artist

Brendan Walsh is a Central Coast based artist who created works of Urban Pop Art and Abstract Graffiti these works uses recycled paper, timber, canvas and other found objects. Most works are mixed media. 
Brendan’s paintings deal with the material pursuit of happiness as a commodity, images that are used in advertising to sell us everything from Soap to Dream Homes. He also explores the shimmering cult of Celebrity and the fashion industry. He often uses humour to subvert these ideas and presents them using bright pop art colours
You can find Brendan on Instagram: @coldghostart


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