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A pack of 10 beautiful folded cards with premium off-white envelopes. Perfect for any occasion. 

A5 size (14.8 cm x 21 cm)

Minimum quantity: 1 pack of folded cards

Printed on demand

It is currently not possible to sell individual cards or variable card decks. You can order cards in packs of 10 items which must all have the same design. This is due to the excessive paper waste that would be generated by producing a single card.


About the Artist: Kathrin Longhurst
Kathrin's visual language collides with the starting point of her own journey, as a child of the cold-war era, who has been to both sides of the iron-curtain. The contrast between war-propaganda imagery and glamorous promises of the other side of the wall, have been the inspirations of her early works. Longhurst reconsidered war propaganda aesthetics with ‘flying’ female warriors, in place of fearsome male figures of power. Her early works aim to bend the visual paradigm of men and women atwar, imposed by the patriarchal power structures of the past. Longhurst’s initial approach is self-observational, rewriting the recent history to empower the idea of a gender-equal future.
To find out more about Kathrin, visit her website or follow her on Instagram: @kathrinlonghurst



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